My Story

Why I joined Scentsy...I joined simply, because i love the products. I had no idea what it was.(I thought i was going to sniff soap) So i went along to this scentsy party. And OMG!!!! I was in love!!! First was the waxes i was smelling, then the warmers, which had designs that would suit everyone's taste. Oh and the washer whiffs. totally amazing!!! I then had Neighbors and family and friends asking me about the smell in my house. Neighbors could smell my washing when i hung it out.
So anyway i used the products for about 15 months and thought i still love this stuff. id love to become a consultant. So i got hold of my scentsy lady and asked her, all about joining her team.
And here i am!!!! I scentsy consultant. I'm so happy i get the chance to be apart of this team. And i get to meet a bunch of totally fab people, which is the best perk to a job, right?